Small homes are cozy and warm, compared to much larger homes. If you don't decorate it just right though, it can feel like you're in a sardine can or in a cave. To help make your small home feel warm, cozy, and to give it a larger feel, as opposed to feeling cramped, read on for helpful tips on how to decorate your space properly.

Paint With Light Colors

Painting with light colors can help give your home a larger feel. This is because the lighter the color, the more natural light will bounce off of the walls. Darker colors should be left for larger spaces. Light colors that are neutral in color, can open up your home and give it a feel that your home is much larger than it is. The same goes for other colors in your home, keep it muted in shades and don't use heavy drapery to keep your home feeling airy and open.

Let In The Light

Let more light into your home. The more natural light you have coming into your home, the larger it will feel. If you have a lot of windows, don't cover them all up with drapes and blinds. Open these up as much as you can, especially during daytime hours to let in natural lighting. If you don't have a lot of windows, that's OK too, use mirrors to help bounce natural lighting around the room. 

Keep Flooring Consistent

If you have different flooring throughout your home, it may break up the rooms and can contribute to the small feel. Use the same flooring throughout when possible to give it a larger feel. Using the same flooring allows the eye to follow, rather than breaking up the space with different flooring, your eyes will stop where the flooring stops. The same goes with paint, try to use the same color or a color pallet that isn't too different.

Use Minimalist Decor

Decorate with minimal items and furniture. Overloading the space with too much stuff can make your home feel too closed in. If you have a tiny living room, don't overload it with too many pieces of furniture. Use one table and a couch, or a small couch and a small chair with a table that can double as a seat, such as an ottoman. The same goes for your walls and even cabinetry in your kitchen. Try to minimize your decor and furniture, in addition to anything on your walls. 

If you have a small home, you can make it feel larger than what it is by changing the design and decor. Talk to an interior designer about what other things you can do to make your small home feel bigger.

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