One trend that doesn't seem to fade is having an accent wall. Accent walls are a fun way to make a statement in your home's interior design without having to spend a fortune. Plus, they are a great thing to put behind your bed, behind your TV, or up your stairs. The fun thing about accent walls is that they can be done in a variety of different ways, but how? This article will take a look at three different types of accent walls for you to consider having done. Are you ready to learn some more? If so, then read on. 

1. Board and Batten

One big accent wall trend that's popular right now its board and batten. The fun thing about board and batten is that it can be done in a variety of different designs depending on your personal style. For instance, if you have a modern style, then you can have board and batten done in a chevron type of design. If your house is more traditional, then you can have your board and batten done in a symmetrical way like squares or rectangles. Once the boards have been applied to your wall, you can then paint it whatever color you want. 

2. Wall Mural

If you want to have an accent wall that's really unique to you and your style, then consider having a wall mural designed for you. Wall murals are especially fun to put in kids' spaces. For instance, if you have a playroom that you want to have an accent a wall in, you can hire a wall mural design service to come out and paint a mural from one of your favorite kid's books on the wall. Or, if you have a nursery you want to decorate, you can have a mural done of your favorite nursery rhyme. 

3. Shiplap

An affordable and easy way to add a farmhouse vibe to your house is to have shiplap put on a wall. Shiplap is just horizontal planks of wood that are either glued or nailed to the wall to give it texture and dimension. Then it's typically painted a white color, but it can be painted any color that you want. 

Having an accent wall is a fun way to really showcase your design style in your house. Keep these three options in mind when you are doing an accent wall in your house. For more ideas, get in touch with an interior design professional.