If you are ready to replace or upgrade the railing of your stairs at home, you may have already noticed that there are a variety of different stair railing kits currently available. Although the different options can make shopping more fun, they can also make choosing the right kit more difficult. Therefore, it will be a good idea to consider the following advice when you are planning for this important change to the stairs in your home.

#1 - Remember The Use Of A Kit Can Allow Unexpected Customization 

The stair railing, which is also known as a banister or handrail, is a crucial way to stay safe when navigating any flight of stairs. In recent years, the use of a single finish or material is no longer the only expected option. Specifically, the use of different types of metal and wood adds a modern touch to the railing.

However, an extension of that idea allows you to mix-and-match the stair railings without any obvious pattern. For instance, you can choose aluminum and then paint it different colors, while alternating it between the wood components. That means that even though stair railing kits are both affordable and accessible, you always have the option of customizing them to your specific needs.       

#2 - Consider The Safety Of The Railings

At one time or another, almost everyone has advised or heard someone else advise young children not to run on the stairs and to hold on to the railings. Unfortunately, those warnings are not sufficient to prevent the injuries of almost 100,000 children under the age of five who are injured on the stairs each year.  

As a result, you may find that choosing a stair railing kit that offers more secure access for small hands is the best option. Make sure the railing is close to the wall it connects to so that little hands do not get stuck. In addition, since the use of a child safety gate is standard in many two-story homes with young children, you will want to be sure that the improved railing allows enough space for the most secure fit of that device.      

In conclusion, choosing the right kits to create new stair rails at home is no longer always as simple as it was for previous generations. If you want to be sure that you have chosen the most appropriate kit for your current and future needs, it is best to consider the above information before making any final decisions. Talk to a company like Stair Case and Railing Store if you have further questions or need advice in choosing your railing kit.