Big windows in rooms can be fantastic as they let in a lot of light and give residents a view. But from an interior design standpoint, really large windows can sometimes be problematic. What's the best way to dress the window to match the mood of the room without drawing too much -- or not enough -- attention to it? 


First, consider what functionality you need from your window coverings. They should be beautiful but most importantly, they must be practical. Do the windows let too much light in at a certain time of day? Is there the potential for sunlight to fade important artwork, furniture or rugs? 

You'll also need to have a good handle on what the room is used for. For example, if it's a formal dining room, will an east-facing window even be a problem in the morning, or will it be occupied mostly in the evenings? Knowing the requirements for what the window coverings must be able to do and when they'll be needed sets a good foundation for everything you will do in planning the look.

Window Structure

Next, you will want to determine if anything about the way the windows are set impacts what you can do. For instance, will brackets and rods be difficult to install because of the molding? Perhaps there are multiple panes that could make a single blind a no-go. Or possibly the window is high enough that installing a blind at the top would make opening and shutting it difficult.

See what limitations you have and use them to guide you in making a decision that will work well for the window itself.

Covering Options

Now, you should be left with an understanding of what you cannot do -- so that leaves you with thinking about what you can do to make the large window a focal element of the room. Consider the following options as a starting point:

  • Install several wooden blinds that give texture to the window. This works well if there are multiple panes. 
  • Try inside-mounted roller shades for each window panel or in two or three sections over the large window. These can be sheer or opaque. 
  • Add wide curtains that fall to the floor. Start with a sheer panel and cover that with a heavy drape to give you more options for coverage.

Talk to an interior designer at a place such as Persimmon Lane for more ideas about how to dress your large window for maximum impact.