At one time, shutters were used on the exterior of homes to protect the inside of the house from the elements.  In most parts of the country currently, shutters are simply used to make the exterior of a house aesthetically pleasing.  Well-placed and thought-out shutters blend in to the exterior of the house and look natural.  Although you may not drastically increase the value of your home with shutters, the beautiful exterior can help draw in potential buyers when the time comes to sell.

Shutters should look like they will close. 

Originally, shutters were meant to close and secure over an opening in the wall of the house.  When installing shutters, keep the original intent in mind.  Only use shutters on single windows.  Each shutter should be half the width of the window, so that if closed they would touch.  They should also be the same height as the window, and lined up perfectly with the edges.  If the window has a unique shape and you wish to use shutters, the shape of the shutter should match the window.  Even if you have no intentions of using the shutters, giving the illusion that they can be used makes your house more visually appealing.

You don't have to put shutters on every single window. 

It is not necessary to have shutters on every window.  When choosing windows, consider not shuttering windows close to the edge of the house or those that are placed so there isn't room for two symmetrical shutters.  Avoid using shutters on double or triple windows.

Choose an appropriate material. 

Shutters are made out of a few different types of materials.  Solid wood shutters look great but require work to maintain.  Weather can really put a beating on wood shutters.  Plastic shutters look cheap, especially on a six figure or higher home.  One of the most popular options for shutters is the composite shutter.  These are often made of a combination of materials and are coated with a finish.  Composite shutters hold up in the weather and look great.

Make your shutters look authentic. 

Bolting your shutters to your house is one option that many people choose.  Using shutter hardware to actually make your shutters functional is another choice you have.  Use hinges so your shutters can swing, and then shutter dogs to hold them open. 

Choose the right color. 

When choosing the color for your shutters, make sure you choose an appropriate accent color.  Shutters should not be the same color as the house; instead they should complement the exterior. 

Shutters, like those from The Blind and Drapery Corner, can really add to the curb appeal of a house if done right!  Consider these things if reevaluating the exterior of your house.